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Sıroğlu Chocolate

For years we have prepared and presented in our store the most delicious madlen, special, gilded chocolates, almond dragees, gift chocolate boxes, proposal, engagement trays and gondolas, heart shape boxes, letter chocolates and now we offer them and much more on our website. We are experiencing all the joy and excitement of sharing all these with all Turkey and World after Izmir. We are thankful to all our customers/friends who accompanied us on this  wonderful journey. 

We are happy and excited to share our chocolates with the whole of Turkey after İzmir, and we offer our endless thanks to our friends/customers who accompanied us on this magnificent journey. Thank you @cemreceblogg for the shoot.

Hediyelik Çikolata

Gift Chocolate Boxes

Kişiye Özel Çikolata

Personalized Chocolate

For your Name
Sevgililer Günü Çikolata

For Loved Ones - Romance

Bebek Doğum Çikolatası

Baby - New Born Chocolate

Söz ve Nişan Çikolatası

Proposal and Engagement

Gurme Lezzetler

Gourmet Tastes


Contact / +90 (232) 227 07 08

Inonu Cad. No:240 Ucyol - Konak- IZMIR

Store Working hours: 10:00 - 22:00

(We are closed on Sundays)

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