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Gift Note ideas


* I love you so much, my dear,  I'm glad you're with me.


* A woman with a beautiful smile.


* I miss you much honey…


* Good luck to you beautiful woman, I love you very much.


* Sometimes you may think you are alone. But you are not, there is someone who will be by your side for the rest of your life. Wishing you better days, happy days with you..


* When I can't be with you, chocolate will give you happiness, my love ;)


* I still love you like the first day, I wish to grow old together with happiness and health, many more years my love  


* My darling, I sent chocolate for dessert, but you are even sweeter than chocolate, I Love You So Much My Angel

* Once I found you in this world, I can never lose you anymore. You are the most beautiful composition of the most beautiful songs. I love you more than anything, my life, my existence, my beauty, my precious.



* I wish you to achieve everything you dream of in your new year, happy birthday, happy to have you


* Many happy and healthy years...

* You took another year from life for the better days to live. May every day of your life be more beautiful than the other. happy birthday... happy birthday


* I wish you to travel, have fun and laugh more in your new year than before! Happy Birthday glad you exist!

* Happy birthday. I wish you a happy new year, we love you very much.

Dogum Gunu
Yeni İş / Terfi

New Job / Promotion

* Good luck with every step you take...

* You deserve to always be in the best places. Wishing you many more successes.

* We wish you success and happiness in your new job. May everything be fine

* Wishing you and your family health, happiness, peace and success in your new job and new order.

* Hoping that his new title will open new pages in his career...

* I wish you to celebrate many more successes with your loved ones, I congratulate you on your new position and wish you success...

* I wish you success in your new job. Good luck always.


* Congratulations on your new position, which you won not by luck, but by sweat and effort. We hope you will be rewarded for your hard work throughout your life. May your success always be.


* I wish you to have a working life where you will be rewarded for your efforts to the end, you love and are loved very much, and your success will always be.

* A new job, a new beginning... May luck and success always be with you.


* Thank you for your support.

* You took great care of us. We cannot pay you. Thank you very much for everything. Good luck! 

* Thank you for all your hard work and effort...

* Thank you for guiding me with your beautiful heart. Good luck to you.

* Thank you for your interest and understanding throughout my treatment.

* We are very lucky to meet a caring doctor like you. You're welcome.


* Get well soon and come back to us, We Love You :)

* These days will also be left behind, we will gather around the same table and laugh and have fun. I wish you a speedy recovery. Have a lot of healing.

* Get well soon. I have no doubt that he will get through this. Keep your morale high. We wish you a speedy recovery. 

* Get well soon. Hope you feel great as soon as possible.

Get well soon

Geçmiş Olsun

* I am so sorry, forgive me...

* No time passes without you, I miss you so much...

*Shall we sweeten with these chocolates? :)

* Everything is meaningless without you, it's always dark, come let my world light up...



Workplace Opening

* We wish you beautiful days as sweet as chocolates at your new workplace,  Many more successes… We are always by your side. 

İşyeri Açılış

welcome Baby

* Welcome ............... baby we can't wait to see you, dear Mom and Dad, congratulations to you too. 

* Welcome, little angel, keep your smiles on your face. 

* We wish our beloved ........... a life full of health, happiness and success.

Hoşgeldin Bebek

* The best surprise is the one who is unaware :) I'm happy if I could make you smile :)

*A little surprise to sweeten today's coffee time! I missed you a lot. I hope you're having a good day. Love,



Dear Mom and Daddy, you are always on my mind, I love you so much, greetings

Mom dad

Anne / Baba

* Happy teacher's day. I am very lucky to have dedicated and respectful teachers like you.


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