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Hediyelerinizi sizin adınıza, fiyat gösterir bir belge eklemeden, hediye notunuzla birlikte en şık paketlerde istediğiniz adrese ulaştırıyoruz.

Baby and Birth Chocolate

Ailenize yeni  katılan o küçücük mucizenin yarattığı kocaman sevginin mutluluğunu  en lezzetli çikolatalarla kutlayın...

The addition of a baby to our family or the families of our loved ones is one of the most exciting events for all of us, which makes us very happy and deserves to be celebrated. In order to celebrate this magnificent moment and share the joy, chocolates named by the baby's parents are prepared to serve to the guests, and those who come to visit bring gift chocolates to crown the arrival of the sweetest baby with the sweetest chocolates.  In addition to the celebrationbaby birth chocolatesThey also wish to get well soon for mothers. Chocolate is the sweetest way for young parents to overcome this difficult process with health and to share the happiness of reuniting with their little babies.

  • Baby Chocolates with Names

MadeleinePrepared by sticking photo paper stickers on chocolates Baby Chocolates with NamesIt carries basic information about the baby. Welcome, we love you very much, it would be nice to add a welcome message such as your welcome. The print color used gives information about the gender of the baby as pink or blue. You can also share this information by printing the baby's name and date of birth on it. If the date of birth is not clear, it would be better to write only the name. When distributing chocolate in a large visiting group or at work, baby chocolates with the name will make it easier for you to share this information and help people to keep it in mind.

  • Baby/Birth Visiting Chocolates

If they are not family members or very close friends of those who visit Newborn, Birth, Postpartumpersonalized baby chocolateare not expected to take. Madeleine chocolate with "Welcome baby" written or anygift chocolatebox will be enough.​

newborn chocolatesWe wanted to answer the most frequently asked questions from you. 

How many pieces of Baby Chocolate / Birth Chocolate can be ordered?

baby chocolatesIt is served to the guests who visit the hospital during the postpartum period as well as to the guests who come to visit the hospital during the postpartum period. In fact, the number of people who come for home visits will often be more than the number of people who come to the hospital. We recommend ordering 120 units in the first place. If you wish, you can order a box of 72 chocolates, have as many chocolates as you wish, and add them to the box as they are finished. If this number is less, then you will have the same number of chocolates made for you by making the same chocolate again.


How many days in advance can the Baby Birth Chocolates / Baby Name Chocolates be ordered?

Ideally, we recommend ordering 1 week in advance, but in case of emergency, we can take orders the day before.

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