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Gift Boxes

Thanks - New Job - Greeting- Birthday - Get well - Opening - Apology- Cooperate Gifts

New Year - Christmas - Mothers Day -  Fathers  Day - Teachers  Day - Eid Chocolate 

* We deliver your gifts on your behalf, with your gift note, to the address you want in the most elegant packages without adding a document that shows price.

The most frequently asked questions are Do you do gift wrapping? Is an invoice sent with the gift? Can we add a gift note? Will it melt and get damaged on the way? All the answers are in this video... 

Gift Chocolate Varieties

Gift Chocolate

Gift Chocolate, the most beautiful thing we give to make you happygift,chocolateIt should be a gift that makes you happy. If you want to spice up an ordinary day, you can send gifts to your loved ones from our delicious chocolate boxes.S ChocolateIt is very easy to make you happy with Madlen, special, gilded chocolates and dragees prepared by masters of .  


We offer dozens of different gift options for your friends, spouse, family, girlfriend/boyfriend, relatives.  Your purchase from our website, which includes affordable gift alternatives,gift chocolatesIf you want, we deliver it to you or to the address of the person you want to gift. We provide free same day delivery to many districts in Izmir with our own couriers, and free shipping to all of Turkey. We attach the notes written by you to your gifts by printing them on special note papers.


Every year we prepare thousands of gift packages and in what situationsgift chocolateWe would like to offer you a few suggestions to express that it would be appropriate to take


  • Thank You Gift:

Chocolate is the most suitable gift you can send to our doctor, health workers, our teachers who do not spare their support in our academic success, our suppliers who help us with an urgent problem, our customers, our service providers, who successfully performed our surgery that healed us or ensured that our baby was born healthy. You can open the package at work and share it with other office workers, and you can take it home and offer their families the opportunity to enjoy the chocolates.  Because it's not an overpriced gift and can be sharedgiftYou will not put the person you sent in a difficult situation.


  • New Job Start & Promotion Gift:

When a friend starts a new job we love or gets promoted at work, the first thing that comes to mind should be chocolate. Although flowers are often preferredchocolate Since it is shared in the office environment, it helps to develop friendships and bilateral relations when a newly hired person offers chocolate to his colleagues and shares it with the team of the promoted person. You, too, will give this opportunity to your relative who has just started a job and has been promoted.


  •   Motivation - Team Spirit Gift

You can order a stylish, delicious chocolate package to motivate your teammates when you have successfully completed a challenging project at work or survived a crisis without any damage.


  • Birthday gift

It is one of the most difficult types of gifts to decide on when buying a birthday gift. If you buy clothes, will it be the size? Does he like the color? Does it suit your style? Dozens of questions in your mind like... If you buy a book, you don't know whether you will like it or not.Chocolateit makes everything easier. Everyone likes, everyone loves. That's why the most preferred gift boxes on birthdays…


  •   Goodbye Gift

It is a tradition for our relatives who have survived a difficult illness to bring something to eat with cologne. It is very easy to multiply the happiness of the healed person with chocolate. If the health condition is not suitable for consuming chocolate, it will be an excellent choice as it can be served to those who come to visit the sick. When we think of getting well soon visit, the first illness comes to our mind, but chocolate is one of the gifts we often offer during postpartum visits. We would like you to take a look at the greeting chocolates in different colors for baby girls or boys. You will share the happiness of the new parents in the sweetest way.


  •  Opening / Ceremony / Meeting Chocolate

A new workplace, facility opening, new product launch, congresses, dealersat their meetingsor in any ceremony, ceremonychocolate treatIt is a very old custom. When the guest wishesof chocolateyou can enjoy it, if you want, you can not eat it at the moment and save it for later or to share with another loved one. 


  • Apology Gift

From time to time, even unintentionally, we may act in ways that will upset our loved ones. A gift chocolate that you will send with a nice note to express ourselves in order to redeem ourselves will easily melt the ice between you and your loved ones. If you wish, you can add a bouquet of roses on our website next to your chocolate.



  • Greeting Gift

It is an invariable part of our culture to share this happiness with our loved ones in a new house, a new car or important changes that will have a positive impact on people's lives. On the way to visit a relative who has moved to a new house, a box is brought with him as a housewarming gift.chocolateWe can take it too. Someone who buys a new car or gets engaged can also distribute chocolates at work to share this happiness.

  • Corporate Gift

It is customary for companies to send gifts to their customers on special occasions such as Eid, New Year's Eve. While going on a customer visitgiftis taken. During these times weS ChocolateWe prepare corporate gift chocolate boxes either by printing the company logo on the box or by adding the logos and wishes of the companies on the madeleine chocolates.


  • Chocolate as a Gift on Special Occasions


Valentine's day Mother's day Father's day teacher's day women's day We carefully prepare your gifts on special days such as Ramadan and Eid-al-Adha, and deliver them on time without any problems. Prepared in different sizes and boxesOur gift chocolatesYou can sweeten special days with


  • Gift for Valentine, Gift for Wife

S ChocolateIn the Romance series, heart boxes of chocolates and plush teddy bears were added.chocolate packages, chocolates sent with a bouquet of roses, containing your love messagespersonalized chocolateWe offer you many types of gifts, such as options. It is a delicious and stylish way to make our loved ones happy, our joy of life, our source of happiness, on special occasions such as anniversaries or at any time without any reason.chocolateIt is very easy with the package and your note expressing your love in the most beautiful way.

MoreSpecial for Your Loved Ones- Romanceon our page…

  • Is Iseme chocolate prepared on a tray or in a gondola? Which material should be chosen silver, glass, ceramic for the Tray / Gondola?"
    The form or material of the container to be used depends entirely on the purpose of its later use. It is important to consider that the Demanding chocolate container will be used later in the homes of the newlyweds. If it is to be used for decoration, we recommend the gondolas. A stylish tray can be used later as a tea / coffee service or as a decoration. We also use ceramic and glass as material, but classically, the most preferred is real silver or German silver.
  • Asking Chocolate How many people should it serve?
    In the request chocolates we prepare, at least twice the number of people who will attend the wish ceremony chocolate We recommend . While your chocolate is being served, we do not want you to experience the stress of whether it will be enough when the end is approached. When it comes to the last people, leaving a few chocolates on the gondola or tray does not create a pleasant image. Considering that it will be served to those who come to congratulate later, the amount of chocolate calculated according to the whole number may leave you in a difficult situation. With an approximate calculation, it is ideal to use 1 kg of chocolate for every 30 people.
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