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Hediyelerinizi sizin adınıza, fiyat gösterir bir belge eklemeden, hediye notunuzla birlikte en şık paketlerde istediğiniz adrese ulaştırıyoruz.

Personalized Message - Text Chocolates

If a chocolate you send as a gift carries traces of you other than the note you wrote,personalIt increases its value and makes it feel special. As S Chocolate, we create stylish and unforgettable gifts and treats with the  designs that we apply on madlen chocolates.

Personalized Chocolate Varieties

  • Personal Promise, Engagement, Request Chocolates, Bride - Groom's Pack Chocolate

We offer more than 30 pattern options on different themes such as flowers, hearts or wedding rings.Personalized ChocolateWe write your names or initials of your names on the pattern you choose. We can also add the date if you want. We use the named madlen chocolates that we have prepared in this way on the gondola trays, promise, engagement, request , or we present them to you with stylish decorations in a customized box.

The best way to share your happiness with your loved ones is your little baby who has just joined you.delicious chocolatesIt must be. We add your baby's name and date of birth to the ones you like among dozens of different designs for girls and boys, and deliver them to you in a special box with cute decorations.


  • Company-Specific Corporate Chocolates

To your customers, employees, business partners, suppliers, such as New Year, holiday, establishment anniversary, dealer meeting.special daysand organizations with your company logochocolate boxeswe are preparing. If you wish, we can also add your short messages such as Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to the chocolates. For orders of 300 boxes or more, we can also have special boxes with your company logo printed on them. Your brand and logo in a delicious, awesome chocolate scentS ChocolateYou will not believe the positive feedback provided by integrating the memory with the gift box. We definitely receive notifications from all companies that we provide this service that customer returns have increased, and that the dialogs have improved .


  • For Your Loved Ones – Romance Personalized Chocolates

When you want to convey a beautiful message to the people you love, you can create a message containing the most beautiful expressions for you.S Chocolatehow about the gift box? A loving message like I Love You, An anniversary wish written for a Lifetime together, Will you marry me? We prepare a written marriage proposal specially for you by adding the name of the person you love. We do our best to add happiness to your happiness.

  • Is Iseme chocolate prepared on a tray or in a gondola? Which material should be chosen silver, glass, ceramic for the Tray / Gondola?"
    The form or material of the container to be used depends entirely on the purpose of its later use. It is important to consider that the Demanding chocolate container will be used later in the homes of the newlyweds. If it is to be used for decoration, we recommend the gondolas. A stylish tray can be used later as a tea / coffee service or as a decoration. We also use ceramic and glass as material, but classically, the most preferred is real silver or German silver.
  • Asking Chocolate How many people should it serve?
    In the request chocolates we prepare, at least twice the number of people who will attend the wish ceremony chocolate We recommend . While your chocolate is being served, we do not want you to experience the stress of whether it will be enough when the end is approached. When it comes to the last people, leaving a few chocolates on the gondola or tray does not create a pleasant image. Considering that it will be served to those who come to congratulate later, the amount of chocolate calculated according to the whole number may leave you in a difficult situation. With an approximate calculation, it is ideal to use 1 kg of chocolate for every 30 people.
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