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In accordance with Turkish Commerce Law, there is no right of withdrawal or cancellation for foodstuffs. However, because we care about the satisfaction of our valued customers, we refund or repeat your order free of charge if the shipment is scattered or damaged during transportation or it is lost or it is not delivered to you. The right of withdrawal or cancellation does not apply if you have to leave your address while your order is on the way and if your order does not reach your special or event days. There can be delays on deliveries caused by cargo companies.


If you have a complaint about the products you have purchased, you can apply to within 1 day from the day you receive the cargo and return it under the following conditions. In this context, you do not pay any “Cargo Fee"  when returning the product, you only need to deliver it with MNG as "Counter Payment". There is no return product shipment in overseas sales.


The conditions of return are as follows;


I want to return my product, which products can I return?

If the packaging of the cargo is broken and the quality of the product breaks down during transportation, you can request the return of the products. In return for the product, you can refund the same amount as the price of the product or you can ask to resent same product again for free.

I want to request a refund of my product, what should I do?

Please contact for a refund before sending the product to Please send the product information you want to return with the reason of your return, if the product is scattered or broken, with the product image as email. When the cargo is delivered, if the product originating from the cargo is scattered or the outer package is damaged, you can have the cargo officer prepare a report and perform your return. Products must be returned together with the original box / package and invoice.

How do I contact the cargo company and give the product?

You can reach MNG Kargo as follows. It is sufficient to indicate to the cargo officer that the buyer belongs to Sıroğlu Domestic and Foreign Trade - Faruk Sır as the Counter Payment, during the delivery phase, and you do not pay any “Cargo Fee" when returning the product. You may call MNG Kargo Call Center at 444 06 06 and request courier to your address, You can call a courier from website or you can learn the address of MNG Cargo branch closest to you and deliver it to the delivery branch. To contact our customer service representatives, you can call our order support line 0232 227 07 08 on weekdays from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, including Sunday.

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