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Trays and Gondolas

Tray - Gondola - Glass Box - Two Layer Serving Trays

You can find trays, gondolas, stands, two-layer presentation trays, glass, porcelain, German silver and many more options on this page that you can use for Promise, Engagement, Request ceremonies.

Proposal Tray

In Turkish society, important and special days always have a detail. This detail in the ceremonies of asking for girls and interrupting is also the tray of request. When the request trays carry very flamboyant and authentic breezes, a completely different image and splendor will emerge.

In addition, the taste and elegance of the appearance of the chocolates in the tray increase the magnificence of this tray. As S Chocolate , we offer you the request trays with the most beautiful girl request chocolates. You can examine and order the request trays containing the most beautiful chocolate varieties for this day, which has a very important spiritual value for you.

Proposal Tray Decoration

​​​​ In our country, traditions and customs are still practiced without losing their value. This situation reconciles the importance given to that day with the visual. Prompt trays;

  • Gondola chocolate models,

  • Single-layer tray models,

  • Two-layer serving tray models,

  • Requesting chocolates in a tray made of glass or silver,

  • Embroidered silver and gold glass boxes,

It adds a much more original design to the girl request ceremonies. At the same time, the ornamental designs of request trays and gondolas provide a completely different visual. This visual feast on the request trays decorated with magnificent objects is reflected in the photographic frames.

The meticulously decorated request trays, with sparkling tulle and detailed with bows, highlight the beauty of chocolates. The request trays, which become a whole with the unique taste of chocolate, make a difference on the promise and engagement tables. In our online store, delicious and fresh chocolates are also presented, as well as the most beautiful request trays, which are presented at special prices.

If you want this ceremony to be much more special and elaborate, you can take a look at our products or place an order on our website. Girl request ceremonies contain memories that will not be forgotten even after years. Taking a step into a lifelong partnership further increases this importance. Requesting trays take on a much different meaning in this respect. Couples will keep this tray as a keepsake for years to come.

We offer you many chocolate trays in different designs specially designed for you in our department. You can examine the request trays with different chocolates inside, adorned with tulle and detailed with flowers on our promise and engagement page. You can get detailed information about the trays that appeal to your taste and preferences by contacting us.

Prompt Tray Prices

All the ceremonies before and during the wedding are very gaudy ceremonies. For this reason, the marriage ceremony must be compatible with this process. The request trays, which contain the most beautiful madeleine, gilded and dragee chocolates, add to this day ostentatiousness and charm. In our company, we include request trays that are suitable for every budget.

You can view many special request trays on our platform. You can find request trays and gondolas that will make this special day even more special in our aisle.  On this special day, you can buy the most special request trays, which will not embarrass you, at very attractive prices.

Gondola, single layer tray, double layer tray and many more request tray models are offered to you in our department at special prices. You can get help from the word and engagement section of our website to buy the best for this special day at the most reasonable price. 

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