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Gourmet tastes

Most beautiful gift for yourself and for the people you love.

Under the Gourmet Tastes Category, we aimed to offer our chocolates, which we offer in our gift boxes or in engagement tray gondolas, to your consumption in simpler packages and at more affordable prices. Instead of expensive packaging materials, packaging, our focus is only on chocolate. Even though our packages are simple, we take care of their elegance and continue to decorate them with satin ribbons. Thus, we offer you the taste you want in small quantities. Gourmet chocolates are just for you to send a small gift and make your loved ones smile, serve them at home or enjoy them... 

  • Special Chocolates

Milky Pearl: ​Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Butter Filling

Sea Shell Chocolate: ​Sea Shells With Hazelnut Cream Filling

Milk Glass: Colored Candy and Milk Chocolate Covered with Hazelnut Dragee and Cocoa Hazelnut Cream Filled Milk Chocolate

Butterfly Raspberry: ​Frambuaz Filled Dark and White Chocolate

Orange Blossom: Caramel  Milk Special Chocolate With Orange Candy Filling

Round Brown: ​Milk Special Chocolate With Caramel, Coffee and Dark Chocolate Filling

Duchess of Milk: Milk Chocolate with Tahini Cream Filling in the shape of a woman's face, a completely different flavor

Raspberry Truffle: ​Colored Coconut Coated Raspberry Filled Milk

White Petal: ​Caramel White Special Chocolate With Walnut Filling

  • Gilded Chocolates

  • Patterned Heart Chocolate: Hazelnut Milk Gilded Chocolate

  • Gilded Heart Chocolate: Milky Gilded Heart Chocolate With Caramel Truffle Filling

  • Square Classic Gilded: ​Cocoa Hazelnut Cream Filled  Gilded Milk Chocolate


  • Dragee:

  • Cherry Flavored Dragee: Awesome texture of dried quince, taste of white chocolate and cherry

  • Golden Almond Dragee: A thick layer of chocolate on the sugar-coated real almonds and a real golden crunchy candy coating on the outside

  • pebble  Dragee: ​Milk chocolate inside, in the form of colorful pebbles, crispy on the outside, thin candy coating</