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Gourmet tastes

Most beautiful gift for yourself and for the people you love.

Under the Gourmet Tastes Category, we aimed to offer our chocolates, which we offer in our gift boxes or in engagement tray gondolas, to your consumption in simpler packages and at more affordable prices. Instead of expensive packaging materials, packaging, our focus is only on chocolate. Even though our packages are simple, we take care of their elegance and continue to decorate them with satin ribbons. Thus, we offer you the taste you want in small quantities. Gourmet chocolates are just for you to send a small gift and make your loved ones smile, serve them at home or enjoy them... 

  • Special Chocolates

Milky Pearl: ​Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Butter Filling

Sea Shell Chocolate: ​Sea Shells With Hazelnut Cream Filling

Milk Glass: Colored Candy and Milk Chocolate Covered with Hazelnut Dragee and Cocoa Hazelnut Cream Filled Milk Chocolate

Butterfly Raspberry: ​Frambuaz Filled Dark and White Chocolate

Orange Blossom: Caramel  Milk Special Chocolate With Orange Candy Filling

Round Brown: ​Milk Special Chocolate With Caramel, Coffee and Dark Chocolate Filling

Duchess of Milk: Milk Chocolate with Tahini Cream Filling in the shape of a woman's face, a completely different flavor

Raspberry Truffle: ​Colored Coconut Coated Raspberry Filled Milk

White Petal: ​Caramel White Special Chocolate With Walnut Filling

  • Gilded Chocolates

  • Patterned Heart Chocolate: Hazelnut Milk Gilded Chocolate

  • Gilded Heart Chocolate: Milky Gilded Heart Chocolate With Caramel Truffle Filling

  • Square Classic Gilded: ​Cocoa Hazelnut Cream Filled  Gilded Milk Chocolate


  • Dragee:

  • Cherry Flavored Dragee: Awesome texture of dried quince, taste of white chocolate and cherry

  • Golden Almond Dragee: A thick layer of chocolate on the sugar-coated real almonds and a real golden crunchy candy coating on the outside

  • pebble  Dragee: ​Milk chocolate inside, in the form of colorful pebbles, crispy on the outside, thin candy coating

  • Mother-of-Pearl/Bronze/Burgundy Almond Dragee: A thick chocolate layer on sugar-coated real almonds and a shimmering outermost  crispy candy coating


  • Madlens:

Bitter and Milk Madlenvarieties, bothgluten free chocolate.

  • Decorated Chocolate:

Swan Gilded Big Heart: ​Ceramic graceful swan figure on the top, Heart-shaped pistachio on the bottomgilded milk chocolateelegant, elegant, delicious

Gourmet Chocolates


Chocolates are among the products we consume both for gifts on special occasions and for our taste buds on normal days. There are many types of chocolates that have been produced and consumed by people for hundreds of years. Choosing high quality and delicious products from this variety of chocolate is a great skill.SChocolateone of the prominent brands at this point. As SChocolate, which has become a brand in Izmir with the chocolates we have been selling for many years, we now offer services through our online store to deliver our flavors to more chocolate gourmets. Focusing on the quality of the chocolate rather than the package or the show, our company offers manygourmet chocolatetype available. 


Special Chocolate


special chocolates, constitutes the most prestigious products we offer as SChocolate. There are many types of chocolate in this series, which is suitable for both gift and daily consumption. Milk Pearl with hazelnut paste filling, sea shell chocolates with hazelnut cream filling, raspberry filled dark and white chocolates, butterfly raspberry and caramel and orange blossom filled with orange sugar are the most preferred products.specialty chocolatefrom our products. These products, in which you will experience an intense flavor explosion, will leave an unforgettable taste on the palate of you and your loved ones.


Special gourmet chocolatesOur work is not limited to those mentioned. Round chocolates filled with caramel and coffee, duchess chocolates filled with tahini cream and a female face design are among the most popular products of this series. Duchess chocolates have a special place at this point, especially because of the interestingness in their design. With its colorful coconut coating and raspberry filling, raspberry truffle is also one of our gourmet chocolates. Each one has a different formula and a different taste.gourmet chocolatesIt is possible to order our products from anywhere in Turkey through our online store.



drageesone of our favorite snacks. The dragees that we consume in the evening with tea or coffee can also be prepared as gifts. There are also many varieties of dragees, which have a more colorful appearance than regular chocolates. Our cherry flavored dragees, which we offer with the incredible combination of dried quince, sour cherry and white chocolate, are one of the most popular flavors in this category. If you like slightly tart flavors instead of full sweet chocolates, you should know that this product is for you. In addition, our golden almond dragees with a thick chocolate layer laid on real almonds and a crispy golden candy coating on the outside are among the flavors that our regulars cannot give up. This product, where you will experience the taste of high quality almonds and the intense taste of chocolate and sugar coating, is specially blended for those who have a taste for their mouth. Finally, the colored pebbles, milk chocolate inside and fine sugar coated pebbles outside.drageesYou can try our. Our pebble chocolates, which are enjoyed by both children and adults, do not contain any harmful substances that are harmful to health.


Gilded Chocolate


For those who care about the packaging as well as the taste of chocolate and those who are looking for more aesthetic packaging.SChocolateWe offer gilded chocolates. These chocolates, which you can choose to offer to your guests or to gift to your loved ones, contain a visual feast and a feast of taste. With its quality hazelnut and chocolate coating, patterned heart chocolates have an important place among gilded chocolates. Patterned heart chocolates attract great attention with their red and gold packages, heart-shaped chocolates and patterns embroidered on chocolate. Since the heart represents love and affection, these chocolates are more preferred as gifts between lovers and spouses. Big milk chocolate heart with caramel truffle fillinggilded chocolatesis among the products we have presented in this direction. There is also a swan on this product, which is slightly larger than the patterned heart chocolates and is distinguished by its caramel filling. Together with the swan, which has become a symbol of elegance, this chocolate largely satisfies those who seek aesthetic pleasure. Classic square gilded chocolates are one of the important parts of this series. The square that stands out with the classic cocoa and hazelnut fillinggilded chocolate, is preferred to be offered to visitors in homes and offices or to be given as gifts during visits for different purposes. 

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