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Gift of happiness: chocolate

Gift giving is the most beautiful of humanity's common values, the most loving, the one that makes the most happy... What could be more humane than to show that we value and care about a person without expecting anything in return, and to express that we share mutual happiness and pain? The best gift we offer to make you happy should be a gift that gives happiness, like chocolate.

​ ​

As S Chocolate, we have a motto that we have used to express ourselves for a long time:

"Sometimes a celebration, a greeting, sometimes a thank you and gratitude, sometimes a small gift to those who share the success of our business with us, sometimes a wish for well-being, sometimes meeting the little baby who joins the family, sometimes stepping into a lifelong relationship, sometimes making happy, sometimes just... to be happy: S Chocolate"

In fact, gift chocolate in every moment of life: on promises, engagement, request trays and gondolas when stepping into marriage, in gift chocolate boxes we send to congratulate a relative who has been promoted at work or who has just started a new job, on the way to visit the sick or to thank our doctor who healed us, our baby's health and well-being. In the baby birth baskets we offer to the visitors while sharing the happiness of their arrival, in the heart box chocolates or heart chocolates we sometimes give to our spouses and lovers with whom we are happy, in the small delicacies we reward our children with, or in the gift boxes expressing our sadness we send for an apology, or the respect we show when going to an office or an official place. In our gifts that express the expression, in the sugar bowls we offer to our guests... There is chocolate everywhere, to make it even more beautiful, to heal and to bring people closer to each other.

We, as S Chocolate, are very happy to prepare the gift chocolates you will take with the most elegant decorations and present them to you in our store. In cases where you do not have the opportunity or opportunity to visit, we carry the happiness on your behalf by delivering the same day with our own couriers to the districts within Izmir. We offer you many alternatives with heart boxes, colorful chocolate packages or simpler/elegant packages that we have prepared considering all these moments. We are always with you to make you happy and happy...

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