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Proposal and Engagement Chocolates

On your happiest day, the most elegant, most delicious, freshest, most flamboyantPromise and Engagement chocolatesAt S Chocolate...

Söz ve Nişan Tepsi Modelleri

Promise and Engagement Çikolancestors


Chocolates are one of the indispensable treats and gifts of our special days and nights. Along with many gifts, chocolate also has an important place in the promises and engagements, which are among the most important rituals of marriage in our culture. Conforming to the meaning of the proverb "Let's eat sweet, let's talk sweet", chocolates are an indispensable part of engagement and engagement ceremonies. These first ceremonies, in which couples take a step to unite their lives, are crowned with the flavor of chocolates.SChocolateBased on our long-term experience in the chocolate industry, we offer you products that will crown your engagement and engagement ceremonies. We can prepare special presentations in line with your requests, as well as the trays we have prepared for speeches and engagement ceremonies from our wide range of products. In addition, we bring your orders to you with the privilege of VIP delivery through our contracted taxi stands in Izmir.


With our understanding of service based on excellence and customer satisfaction, as SChocolate, we offer many varieties in trays for your engagement and engagement ceremonies. Heart-patterned gilded chocolates, dragees, madeleines and many more of our products.promise and engagement traysis specially decorated for you by our experienced staff.Promise and engagement chocolatesYou can serve your food on trays as well as in gondolas or on two-layer presentation trays. As SChocolate, we prepare unforgettable trays for promise and engagement. Moreovermadlen chocolatesDesign your own pattern forWe offer you 48 different designs for you to choose from. By decorating your trays of madeleine chocolates in line with the design you choose, cargo to all over Turkey, courier and courier services in Izmir.VIP deliveryWe provide you with options.


SChocolateoffered by using high quality raw materials promise and engagement chocolatesYou can also leave an unforgettable taste in your engagement or engagement ceremonies. No harmful substances are used in any of our products, nor are there any additives derived from lard or pork. For more information about our products, you can contact us via the "contact" tab on our website. 

Promise and Engagement Trays

One of the sine qua non of word and engagement organizations is the promise and engagement tray. The most popular and frequently preferred engagement tray models in recent years are as follows;


  • mirrored promise tray

  • silver promise tray

  • Porcelain Promise Tray

  • Gondola promise sign tray

  • two tier engagement tray

  • glass box promise engagement tray


All these promise engagement trays can be decorated with different designs. Tray selection can be made in accordance with the color and theme used in the engagement organization. The engagement tray can be made more ostentatious with additional materials such as flowers or ribbons. If your preference is a simpler engagement tray, silver or glass box engagement trays may be ideal for you. Gaudypromise engagement traysIf you like it more, you can choose gondola footed or two-layer promise engagement trays. The most important point in the engagement trays, which you can arrange according to your personal tastes, is the size of the tray.


promise engagement traysIt is produced in small, medium and large sizes. Normally, the trays contain rings and scissors. But sometimes different jewelry is carried on the engagement tray. In cases where only rings and scissors will be placed, a small or medium sized engagement tray will suffice. Along with the ring and scissors, there are also jewelry.promise sign trayit makes more sense to use a large tray. 


Which Chocolates Can Be Taken to Ask a Girl?

In recent years, the ceremony of asking a girl is done together with the promise and engagement ceremonies. For this reason, the preferred chocolates may vary when going to ask a girl. Recently preferredpromise and engagement chocolatesLet's take a look at it.


  • Name Detailed Girl Request Chocolate: One of the most famous promise engagement chocolates of recent times is the ones with name details. The names of the bride and groom are written on the packaging of madeleine chocolates. In box chocolates, names are engraved on the inner cover. Along with the names "I'm coming to be your son." You can also write sentences containing messages.

  • Two-Storey Girl Request Chocolate: Engagements that take place together with the girl request ceremony can be more crowded. In this case, the two-storey girl request chocolate makes the most sense. It consists of the best chocolates lined up on a two-layer serving tray.

  • Glass Box of Marriage Chocolates: If the betrothal has a more modern theme, it may make sense to choose chocolates served in glass boxes. The glass box, which has a simpler and more elegant appearance compared to the other options, contains the request chocolate, madeleine chocolate and dragees together. Glass boxes are usually decorated with net and ribbon.

  • Tray Girl Request Chocolate: Similar to the engagement tray, presenting chocolates on trays is another method. Trays, like glass boxes, can be decorated with appropriately colored net and ribbon.

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