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Dragee Chocolate

Dragee chocolate, also known as chocolate dragee, is one of the favorite products of gourmets. Among the dragee typesThe most classic one is our almond dragee chocolate product. Little flavor bombs are perfect for special occasions, treats, asking for a girlfriend, engagement, seeing a baby and invitations.It is indispensable for .

What are the Dragee Chocolate Types? 

dragees; It is produced by coating a piece of chocolate or nuts with a thin coating of sugar. The dragging process increases the flavor of chocolate and nuts. Usually covered with a colorful and shiny candyan these products offer an experience that is both visually appealing and rich in taste.

We have 5 different products in this category. You can purchase all of the products in any weight you prefer, between 80-1000 grams.

  1. Sour Cherry Quince Dragee: The most assertive and different flavor of the category. This product, which is created by combining many flavors, resembles pebble dragees in appearance.

  2. Pebble Dragee: This chocolate-based product is not only children's favorite, but also successfully decorates gifts and gift trays.

  3. Bronze, White and Burgundy Almond Dragee: It is one of the classic products that first comes to mind when it comes to dragees. We added a new atmosphere to both its taste and appearance with maroon and bronze coating.

These products, which are consumed as snacks, can also be preferred as gifts. Their thin coating and various ingredient options enable the availability of many types of dragee chocolate products that appeal to different tastes.

It can be a gift for almost every special day and every special moment due to its attractive and stylish appearance, different flavor options, long shelf life, various packaging options, suitability for every special day, possibility of personalization, suitability for sharing and catering. It is also a great advantage that it is suitable for different interlocutors. You can decorate the box you prepared for your lover with dragees, take it as a treat when going to see the baby, or offer it to your friends' children as a nice beginning of communication. You will find a positive and loving response in all of them.

What are the Prices of Dragee Chocolate?

Although prices depend on many variables, you can optimize the price policy for yourself by purchasing Schocolate in a weight that suits your budget and needs. 

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