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Proposal and Engagement Chocolates

On your happiest day, the most stylish, most delicious, freshest Proposal Chocolates are at S Chocolate...

İsteme Çikolatası Çeşitleri


Proposal Wedding chocolate and flowers are indispensable for girl-in-law ceremonies. This ceremony, which has an important place in our culture, cannot be done without chocolate. This mouth-watering tradition is a nice treat for the girls and guests. We are proud of being the first choice of those who take care of this meaningful day.

Proposal Wedding Chocolate Gondola

The gondola, which we have prepared with chocolate varieties each more delicious and special than the other, has stylish and ostentatious decorations as well as being delicious and fresh. White , dark , madeleine , special and milk chocolates are served in specially designed gondola. It is prepared as a treat worthy of the importance of the day with its stylish and eye-catching presentation. We offer this product, which combines delicious tastes, in different sizes according to the number of guests.

Proposal Chocolate With Tray

Our Proposal chocolate tray products, which are especially preferred for crowd request ceremonies, have an elegant and eye-pleasing design. We offer trays equipped with delicious dragees, custom-made chocolates, personalized chocolates and candies produced in different decors, at economical prices.

Produced with the highest quality materials, these treats leave a pleasant taste on the palate of both you and your guests, while not straining your budget. You can examine our product range for a pleasant and sweet-tasting ceremony.

isteme çikolatası
isteme çikolatası

Desire Chocolate Named

Among our varieties that will be remembered both on the palate and in the mindspersonalThe design of the request chocolate, which we prepared by writing your names and your promise / engagement date, attracts great attention. We offer an impressive request chocolate by writing your name on Madlen Chocolates. We cover the special and stylish presentation tray or chocolate box with a pleasant packaging. We offer our first-class quality chocolates to your liking at affordable prices.

Desire Chocolate Decoration

Don't Want ChocolateBefore we decorate it, we wrap it with strech film for hygiene, for the chocolates not to scatter, and for not contaminating the tulle we use. Afterwards, we obtain a stylish, flamboyant and elegant appearance by completing the decoration with white or red dream tulle, red white, coral, pink in the middle,  rose, petrol-colored flowers and ribbon in similar tones.

We are happy and happy to accompany you with our chocolates on request on this special day where you step into a lifetime of happy togetherness.

  • Is Iseme chocolate prepared on a tray or in a gondola? Which material should be chosen silver, glass, ceramic for the Tray / Gondola?"
    The form or material of the container to be used depends entirely on the purpose of its later use. It is important to consider that the Demanding chocolate container will be used later in the homes of the newlyweds. If it is to be used for decoration, we recommend the gondolas. A stylish tray can be used later as a tea / coffee service or as a decoration. We also use ceramic and glass as material, but classically, the most preferred is real silver or German silver.
  • Asking Chocolate How many people should it serve?
    In the request chocolates we prepare, at least twice the number of people who will attend the wish ceremony chocolate We recommend . While your chocolate is being served, we do not want you to experience the stress of whether it will be enough when the end is approached. When it comes to the last people, leaving a few chocolates on the gondola or tray does not create a pleasant image. Considering that it will be served to those who come to congratulate later, the amount of chocolate calculated according to the whole number may leave you in a difficult situation. With an approximate calculation, it is ideal to use 1 kg of chocolate for every 30 people.
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